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Executive Director Search


Triangle Associates and Heads Up Educational Consulting are leading the search for the next executive director at the American Montessori Society (New York, NY). This site contains information and links that might be of interest to potential candidates and to members of the AMS community.


Pat Bassett, Judy Schechtman and Marc Frankel are working with the search committee to conduct this search. Please email any of the consultants if you have questions or would like to arrange an exploratory conversation.


Thank you!

The American Montessori Society is a not-for-profit, professional membership organization based in New York City, and the foremost advocate for quality Montessori education worldwide.


The organization has nearly 14,000 members worldwide, including teachers, teacher educators, schools, and teacher education programs.


The AMS Mission:   The American Montessori Society provides the leadership and resources to make Montessori a significant and enduring voice in education. AMS serves its members, advocates for quality Montessori education, and champions Montessori principles.


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