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A different approach to leadership search.

About Us  |   How we approach leadership search.



Our Vision for Search


We take the time to study our clients, using state-of-the-science tools to measure school culture. No one knows as many schools as we do, and no one listens as deeply and carefully to what stakeholders say.


Together, Judy Schechtman, Rich Odell, Marc Frankel, Abbi DeLessio, and Pat Bassett know more independent and international school leaders than anyone else. Our experience, plus the industry firsts of culture assessment, personality profiling, and executive coaching, built into the search contract, mean we do search differently than anyone else.


Not just different, better!


We build a candidate pool by mining our database and through personal contact with hundreds of leaders. We shake the trees hard, and then apply an industry-leading combination of interviews and psychometric assessment from clinically-trained experts to gauge goodness-of-fit.


Our commitment to making the match work includes executive coaching for the new head, built right into the search contract.


Our Work  |  Current searches.

Project: Principal (Head of School)


Available:  July 1, 2019


Description: Lake Country School is an independent, authentic Montessori school in Minneapolis, MN, that serves children from early childhood through adolescence with both an urban campus and rural organic farm with an environmental field station. Located in a dynamic, diverse city, LCS has long been a leader in AMI Montessori education and seeks a next principal (what LCS calls its head of school) to build on that legacy of success.


Current Head: Paulette Zoe

Project: Head of School


Available:  July 1, 2019


Description: Gulf Stream School is a pre-primary through grade 8 independent school with an enrollment of approximately 250 students. The school is located in Gulf Stream, Florida, a community just north of Delray Beach in Palm Beach County.


The school's mission and core values of academic rigor, character and participation are apparent every day throughout the community. Gulf Stream takes advantage of its small size to engage deeply with each child, building a relationship that encourages each child to try new things and find their passion. The concept of growing life-long learners is lived out every day at GSS, for both the students and the adults in this community.


Current Head: Joseph J. Zaluski


Project: Head of School


Available:  July 1, 2019


Description: A co-ed pre-K – 12 school of 860 students in Louisville, KY, Kentucky Country Day is an award-winning school focusing on “Scholarship that blends tradition and innovation, Citizenship in a real world context, and Stewardship through service and responsibility.”  Located on 85 acres, KCD combines a rigorous academic program with a wide variety of athletic and extracurricular programs.  STEAM and maker programs, global studies and innovation are all recognized parts of the KCD experience.


Current Head: Anne Glosky, Interim Head of School


Recently Completed Leadership Searches:


    •  Canadian International School of Hong Kong (CDNIS), completed May 2018


    •  CAPE, the Council for Advancement of Private Education, completed December 2017


    •  AIM Academy, completed December 2017


    •  AMI-USA, completed October 2017


    •  Albany Academies, completed September 2017


    •  Visitation Academy, completed June 2017


    •  Nerinx Hall, completed March 2017


    •  Academy High School, IL, completed December 2016


    •  Westside Montessori School, TX, completed December 2016


    •  Oak Hill Montessori School, MN, completed December 2016


    •  New School of Lancaster, PA, completed December 2016


    •  Kingsbury Center and School, DC, completed December 2016


    •  American Montessori Society (AMS), NY, completed November 2016


Search Professionals  |  Meet our team.

Marc T. Frankel, Ph.D.

Judith L. Schechtman, M.S.W.

Patrick F. Bassett, M.A.

Dr. Frankel is a senior consultant and partner in Triangle Associates. A psychologist by training, Marc facilitates governance workshops, leadership development programs, and strategic planning in the United States and around the world, and coaches numerous senior leaders in universities and independent schools. His clients include schools in Europe, Asia and North America, including large and small institutions and Tier 1 universities.


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Ms. Schechtman is a senior consultant and partner in Triangle Associates. Ms. Schechtman works internationally in the fields of higher education and independent elementary and secondary school education. She specializes in governance, strategy, executive coaching and leadership development. She has developed assessment tools for boards and heads of school as well as professional development assessments specifically designed for independent/international school leaders. With her colleagues, she writes extensively on strategy, governance, and leadership.


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One of the most recognizable and prolific of independent school thought leaders, Mr. Bassett is the former president of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS). Co-founder of Heads Up Educational Consulting, Pat's background as a school head, association president and board member at various organizations makes him a most knowledgeable consultant.


Now less involved in day-to-day consulting work, Pat is of counsel on all Triangle Associates/Heads Up searches.


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Richard F. Odell, M.A.

Mr. Odell has been a private school senior administrator/headmaster for over 25 years. He is an educational visionary and turnaround specialist, team builder, successful businessman, innovator, motivator, collaborator, excellent listener, budget, program and fundraising expert, thoughtful, dedicated and relaxed. Much of his career has focused on serving schools that have struggled to find a niche that would provide long term financial stability, a strong public image and success.


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Abigail DeLessio


Ms. DeLessio has served as chair of two school boards, including five years chairing the Board of Managers at Hong Kong International School (HKIS), one of the premier independent schools in Asia. Abbi has served with five Heads of School and has expertise in governance, board development, leadership search, strategic planning and operations management.  Abbi uses her successful experience in governing independent schools, working closely with school leadership to maximize strengths and identify opportunities for differentiation and growth to help schools advance their missions.


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Janet Nelson

Ms. Nelson assistants all Triangle searches, and has two decades of experience supporting our work with schools. Janet coordinates contact with search committees and candidates, and handles on-line administration of our leadership and culture assessments. Located at our St. Louis office, Janet is a primary point of contact for every Triangle client.


Contact  | Get in touch with us.

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Registry  | School & Candidate Services


Triangle Associates and Heads Up Educational Consulting join forces to provide leadership search services to schools and candidates. We would welcome a conversation with anyone seeking a senior leadership position in a private, independent school or association anywhere in the world.


Pat Bassett, Judy Schechtman, Marc Frankel, Rich Odell and Abbi DeLessio invite you to register with us to be included in e-mail broadcasts of future searches and to receive periodic nuggets of career counsel from one of them. We promise not to give or sell your information or address to anyone.


Thank you!

Pat Judy Marc Rich Abbi